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Block chain information

Publish Time:2018-01-27 00:00:00 Publish Author:Mester Actis

Up-to-date information on block chain:

The block chain is entering a fog time...

Network congestion is serious. The problem is that TPS is too low per second. TPS 3000 has become a common bottleneck of the industry, making block chains unable to land in the field of high value and high concurrent business.

The progress of fog calculation has broken the bottleneck of block network congestion. Fog calculation can make up the vacancy of cloud computing and solve some problems in cloud computing. Compared with the cloud, fog computing relies mainly on not located in the center position of the remote server, but the use of distributed computer resources from the local device close to the fog calculation data, data processing and application is more dependent on the local device, rather than the server, is the cloud boundary near the local device, rather than the "edge" cloud computing that almost all of them are stored in the cloud. Therefore, it solves the problem of network block congestion, chain storage and computing power, and makes it more centralization, more efficient, no waste of resources and more stable and reliable.