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Trading rules

Publish Time:2017-11-26 07:08:18 Publish Author:Mester Actis

Hello, respected Mester Actis user:
In order to allow Mester Actis users to enjoy a fair and fair trading environment, transaction services and rules are as follows:
1. Bank card:
Bank cards need to be traded by the designated bank cards of different countries. The users who need to take remittances with non designated bank cards will be responsible for the transaction disputes (the responsible party deducts the corresponding credit value).
Two. The transaction will be charged.
The point - to - point transaction is 0.5% from Mester Actis
Three, daily transaction singular and limit
In order to provide a trading platform for the majority of users a fair trading environment, resist the vicious trading, the implementation of the daily trading limit daily users only single, 4 single transaction, according to the highest credit rating per transaction 300-1800 gold (limited by credit rating).
Four, a buyer buys a transaction certificate within 3 hours. When the seller confirms that the sum is received, it will need to confirm receipt within 24 hours, that is, the transaction is completed.
Five, after the success of the trade match, the buyer did not upload the transaction certificate within 3 hours, and the transaction information automatically relieved the distribution form and resumed the state of the sale.
Six, sellers do not click "confirm receipts" within 24 hours. The system will automatically lock both accounts. Users will not be able to carry out any transaction and transfer function until the two sides contact customer service to process, and the account returns to normal transaction status. When the two sides lock in the state, if the seller receives a payment, it can click "confirmation receipts" to complete the transaction, and the accounts of both sides will automatically resume normal trading status.
Seven, Mester Actis incentive mechanism
During the point - to - point transaction, the player who violated the violation will deduct the corresponding credit value and degrade the violating party or freeze the account according to the degree of violation. For the top ten reputation ranking users per quarter, the number of awards will be rewarded.
Eight. The rules of credit credit value:
The credibility of the user will be divided into four levels: bronze, silver, gold, diamond.
After the user opens the account, it can directly become a basic account and holds an initial 3000 credit value.
1) the following 3000 reputation value based on the account, the bronze level 1 stars.
2) 3000 to 10000 credit value of the account level. 2 silver stars
3) 10000 to 20000 credit accounts, gold level. 3.
4) 20000 to 30000 credit accounts, the diamond level assumes 4
Nine, good reputation level users can enjoy service privileges and the corresponding bonus pool:
According to the trust level of every transaction to a maximum of 300~1800 pieces, and can enjoy the relief of corresponding fees.
Reputation as a "bronze medal" user transaction fees 0.5%, per transaction limit for 300
Reputation as the "silver" user transaction fees 0.4%, per transaction limit for 600.
Reputation as the "gold medal" user transaction fees 0.3%, per transaction limit for 900.
Reputation as the "diamond" user transaction fees 0.2%, per transaction limit for 1800.
Note: all accounts for every sale to complete a deal before re hung sell new orders sold, in order to ensure the trading order, effective preparation and illegal operation of malicious circulation guadan.
On the increase and decrease of credit value:
1) on the reduction of the credit value of the account:
The transaction, buyers buy orders such as active cancellation, according to buy to reduce the number of corresponding reputation value, such as the seller receives payment failed to confirm the payment within the stipulated time of completion, will reduce the seller account corresponding to the reputation value, such as the dispute of the trading order, reducing the corresponding less irregularities of emissions trading reputation value, if the circumstances are serious in accordance with the trading regulations strictly enforced.
2) the increase in the credit value of the account:
The amount of time and quantity completed according to the good faith transaction of the buyer and seller is increased.
A, the buyer and seller complete the transaction within 30 minutes, and the two sides each increase 10% corresponding credit value.
B, the buyer and seller complete the transaction within 3 hours, and the two sides each increase 5% corresponding credit value.
C, the buyer and seller complete the transaction within 24 hours, and the two sides each increase 1% corresponding credit value.