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Block chain caused change

Publish Time:2018-01-11 09:33:23 Publish Author:Mester Actis

The block chain will set off a reform!

The block chain has huge potential enough to subvert the entire economic structure and keep it in line with the pace of the Internet age. The reason why this reform has not happened is because we are still in the discussion stage of the concept and application of the block chain.
Block chain is not an isolated system, and its impact is far-reaching. At the moment, we have just begun to discuss how block chain structure is deployed in business areas outside banking, and how to bring consular products to better direction.
All banks around the world have begun to build sandboxes, test how to deploy block chaining technology to their core businesses, and the banking industry began to test block chaining technology very early, but the landing of specific applications still needs a lot of time. Although the sandbox mechanism ensures that the internal team is focused on the research, it still needs to remove a number of obstacles in order to better test and study the technology.
The financial and banking sector will benefit from block chain technology, because the business sector is less regulated and easier to use new technologies than in the financial sector. Do users really care if you have a block chain to record their information? Usually the answer to this question is negative. They only wish that your application would not be changed at random. This is the real business solution.
If the block chain framework really produces global influence, applications that provide software services for enterprises must adopt this technology.
Many companies are trying to build block based chain business applications, but they lack experience, which is almost a trend of the market -- the chaining block is too difficult. Many block chain companies are financing, think their solutions or tools better than the front end performance, because users can directly see products on the block chain, and profit from it. But the question is, do these block chain companies really understand the specific business operations and the entire product deployment process?
Change the public capital market
Similarly, the prerequisite for the normal operation of the block chain system is the full understanding of the entire ecosystem by the developer. It's like Brice Masters (Blythe Masters) and her digital asset group (Digital Asset Holdings). They are changing the public capital market, not only a part of the market, but each of the gear of the whole capital market machine. In order to achieve this goal and ensure the smooth deployment of the product, the group must recruit experts from all fields. Their cooperation with Nasdaq and ASX is the best proof. Other block chain suppliers have failed to reach this level. In 2018, any block chain companies that attempted to go into business applications would not be able to survive if they remained at the conceptual stage. We will see more and more companies like digital asset groups. In 2018, the blockchain will bring far-reaching influence involved in insurance, real estate, mining, petroleum, Private Held Company, and even the government.